100% Proof That Queen Elizabeth & Royal Family Are Not Who They Say they Are

Proof that the Jesuit Order is behind the World Economic Forum and that Queen Elizabeth was not only close with papacy but she was carrying out their ‘Vaccination’ and ‘Green Environment’ agenda. Catholic priests called Queen Elizabeth ”the defender of the faith”, question is which faith? Mystery Babylon – Roman Catholic faith? Was she really born again follower of Christ? I think you know the answer. Unfortunately the original video was taken down by YouTube therefore you can only watch it on Bitchute. My hands are tied for 1 week because of that strike, when i`ll get a chance again I will try to re-edit it and reupload once again on my channel.

If you want to watch this video fullscreen from its original source click here.

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8 months ago

Where is the video of the doctor recounting a meeting from the 60s or 70s where they were asked not to take notes and the globalist plan was described in detail?