Archive Edition #1: The One-Eye Sign

Uncovering and understanding the true meaning of the One-Eye sign found in pop culture around the world. Continuation of exposing and Breaking Down The Occult Meaning Of The All-Seeing Eye And The One-Eye Sign article.

Lady Gaga
Lana Del Rey
Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
Lucifer (TV series)
Ralph Fiennes
Jake Gyllenhaal
Hugh Jackman
Mel Gibson
John Travolta
David Bowie
Johnny Depp
Pharrell Williams
Kate Moss
Andrew Garfield
Emma Watson
Jude Law
Daniel Radcliffe
Mike Tyson
James Franco
Jeff Goldblum
Mads Mikkelsen
Martin Scorsese
Reese Witherspoon

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the fact that they hide one eye is a direct reference to their master, after satan, the antichrist. They are all working for the coming of the antichrist. In Islam, the antichrist is described as a one eyed man who will come in the end time and perform ‘miracles’ for people and claim that he’s God but God can not be human nor one eyed. He will be blind in his right eye but can see from his left eye as prescribed by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) There are a lot of texts physically describing the antichrist as well as… Read more »


I shit you not, even the company mascots are doing it, I was at Walmart and the pilsbury doughboy had a cookie over his eye, So I would imagine they are putting tech into the food. For those who are truly awake realize this is not a joke. For those who think it is a joke I hope you are prepared because the shit is about to hit the fan in a major way!

Nur lowe
Nur lowe

….smh..its so blatant theres no excuse

Jerry Hammond
Jerry Hammond

I wonder why The Passion Of The Christ was made and produced by Mel Gibson? It’s like a lot of other films, either loved or hated. I know people led to Christ after watching that movie. How does Satan benefit from a movie like that? I don’t know many Christians who dislike The Passion Of The Christ. Except for the extreme violence. It’s not something I would watch anyday. But no other film has gone through Christ’s life, accurate to the Bible. Exemplifying that Jesus Christ is God. Any ideas why Satan would want that movie produced?

The windisblowing
The windisblowing

Does it matter which eye is covered? What is the difference between covering the eye and making the okay sign around it? Thank you!

SHIA Islam
SHIA Islam

@StrangerThanFiction Peace be upon you brother, i’m following you since 1 month and i wanted to ask you a question. What do you think of Shia Islam ? (I’m part of)

Mister Fabricator
Mister Fabricator

Theyre a fraternity like group being pimped out to the highest bidder for that Almighty dollar. theyre manangers are pimps. actors and muscians are owned by glamourous companies. Theyre abused and tossed around fir the Elites amusement. Satan or lucifer is made up to scare religious people. Now if you mention them Lizard beings that live down below in Sheoul , thats another subject.