Biden: ‘We Need More Money To Plan For The Second Pandemic, Theres Going To Be Another Pandemic, We Need To Think Ahead’

Sleepy Joe Biden just announced that theres going to be a second pandemic and that we ”need to think ahead”, while at the same time the ”mysterious” Georgia Guidestones (the 10 commandments for the New World Order) were blown into pieces most likely by FBI, CIA or whoever, no suspects as usual, I guess Walmart can always catch their thieves but not a place thats watched and guarded 24/7 by the Global Elite. Its a psyop people, they have destroyed those stones because they already served their purpose, now that plan will be carried out for real so no need for those stones to stand there anymore. Also dont forget to get that brain chip alongside with 4th dose of vaccine and dive into the METAVERSE to swim in a virtual pool with Zuckerberg.

If you want to watch this video fullscreen from its original source click here.

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