Breaking Down The Occult Meaning Of ‘El Diablo’ Or The Satanic Horns Hand Sign

It is being flashed everywhere – on TV, in newspapers and magazines, at sporting events, and even at presidential inaugurations. I’m referring, of course, to the sign of El Diablo, the horned devil, also known as the sign of the horns. It was popularized in the ’60s by the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, who spread it to the masses through rock musicians who were deep into satanism. Today, it is misinterpreted as a hand sign for ‘rock and roll’.

The Secret Doctrine
There are three versions of the El Diablo, the horned god or the sign of Satan. The hand sign at left with the thumb in is meant to be used for the right hand, Anton LaVey called it ‘The sign of the curse’, while the sign in the middle is meant for the left hand with thumb in between, it is usually used to curse someone by pointing it directly towards the person, and at the right is also the ‘deaf’s gesture’, or signing, for ‘I love you,’ a fact which has many people confused.

This symbol is full of deception because over time it has been used for many different things, but ultimately the El Diablo or the horned hand sign is a satanic salute or recognition to members of satanism and other unholy groups. According to Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier, the sign of the horns is a hypnotic induction which triggers certain programming in Monarch mind controlled slaves.

‘People that are Christians now, but were Satanists, recognized President Clinton’s signal at his inauguration as a sign of Satan. That seems fairly cut and dried, and it is. Clinton communicated what he wanted to the people to whom he wanted to communicate. The whole affair with him flashing the Satanic handsignal took only a couple of seconds’ – Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

Anton LaVey demonstrates ‘The sign of the curse’ for public in 1966.
Here we see Anton LaVey forming Illuminati triangle which in Satanism and Witchcraft is known as ‘The spiritual Illumination’, ‘The light of Lucifer’ or ‘Enlightenment by the Great Architect of the Universe’.

The sign is often confused with the deaf’s signing of the phrase, ‘I love you.’ While at first this appears odd, it starts to make more sense when we discover that the person who invented, or created, the hand sign system for the deaf, Helen Keller, was herself an occultist and Theosophist. This is easily proven by reading from her book originally called My Religion, published in 1927 when she was 47 years old, which was later revised in 1994, and called Light in My Darkness. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Co-Mason, Russian mystic and Egyptian Hindu devotee, who founded the occult group, Theosophy in 1875, openly stated that ‘It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god’. Her classic occult text, The Secret Doctrine, inspired Adolf Hitler and thousands of others:

‘Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior. It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God. The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time, for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, ‘the Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan’ at one and the same time.’ – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine.

Helen Keller (1880-1968), shown here at her desk, creator of the deaf signing system. The brilliant Keller was a pitiful character in some ways. Stricken blind and deaf at an early age, she nevertheless went on to considerable achievements in life. But Helen Keller also got involved in occultic sects like Swedenborgianism and Theosophy. Did her membership in these groups inspire Keller to choose a hand sign for the deaf, translated as ‘I love you’, which is today often used interchangeably with the universal ‘I love (and/or worship) Satan’ hand sign?

Light in My Darkness was written as a tribute to Emanuel Swedenborg whom Helen regarded as ‘one of the noblest champions true Christianity has ever known.’ This book is regarded as Helen’s Keller’s spiritual autobiography in which she openly declares that ‘the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg have been my light, and a staff in my hand and by his vision splendid I am attended on my way.’ Who is Emanuel Swedenborg? He was an unsaved heretic, a Modernist, Theologian who falsely claimed to be a Christian. Reading through, it is clear that her beliefs were guided directly through Satan, spreading that false light. Which then begs the question, did Keller purposely design the deaf’s ‘I love you’ sign to be such a remarkable imitation of the classic sign of Satan? Was Keller basically saying, ‘I love you, Devil?’.

Helen Keller with Alexander Graham Bell. Keller wrote a book, My Religion, in which she explained her occult religious views and her enthusiasm for the teachings of mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg. Was the architecture of the deaf signs based on Keller’s aberrant religious views?
These U.S. postal stamps depicting the deaf’s ‘I love you’ sign are shocking, to say the least. The inventor of the deaf signing system was herself an occultist and devotee of Theosophy, the Hindu/Occult group founded by Russian mystic Helena Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine.

The sign among Satanists and witches is believed to be the depiction of The Goat of Mendes or The Baphomet. It is synonymous with Satan or Lucifer. When directly pointed towards a person, it can literally mean that someone is trying to place a curse upon you while the ‘I love you’ horned hand is a reference to the allegiance to Satan. With the rapid rise in popularity of the El Diablo sign among rock fans, many people seem to be blissfully unaware of the satanic background and dark history of this sign. To some, giving the sign more likely indicates their eagerness and gusto for fun, partying, drinking, and youthful rebellion. This is a symbol that many want to ignore the underlying meaning and make it represent what they wanted to, because over time it had so many meanings shown by so many people. However, in reality there are no good ways in showing this sign. We cannot dismiss the evidence that many, if not most, who employ the sign are, in fact, thereby honoring Satan, the rebellious dark angel. If you are using it and think it means something different to you, this means you have been heavily deceived.

‘I Love You’ Satan
High priest of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, was honored upon his death in this article in the San Francisco Chronicle. In the picture, LaVey is giving the El Diablo hand sign while, on the wall, is the Baphomet version of the satanic pentagram star. Was it mere coincidence that on the very day that this wicked satanist died in California, across the sea, in England, Illuminati chief Lord Edmond de Rothschild also passed away?
Manuela Ruda, shown at right in sun glasses giving the El Diablo hand sign, and her husband, Daniel, a pair of self-proclaimed vampire satanists from Germany, sacrificed a victim to Satan. The pair ceremoniously stabbed the man exactly 66 times with a dagger. Then they drank his blood. Some might say that Manuela’s hand sign is merely the deaf’s ‘I love you,’ but the couples’ grim conduct indicated otherwise. The two were trained to be Satan worshipers while visiting Scotland. (From news report and article in Strange Times magazine, Great Britian)
Demon possessed Daniel Ruda and his wife Manuela killed Frank Hackert, a 33-year-old baker, at their home in Bochum in 2001.
Manuela joined her husband in drinking Mr.Hackert’s blood after he was stabbed 66 times in a ritualistic killing on the coffin they used as a coffee table. Ruda was sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing Mr.Hackert.
Kissing killers: Daniel and Manuela Ruda in Bochum Court in 2002. The couple got divorced while Daniel Ruda was behind bars.
Those who claim that if the thumb is diplayed, it is not the El Diablo Satan hand sign may just want to take a gander at the cover of a published (2005) book by Sondra London entitled True Vampires – Blood Sucking Killers Past and Present. Published by Feral House, a book company originally founded by Anton LaVey, High Priest of the Church of Satan, the cover clearly demonstrates that, for hardcore Satanists, there is no real difference in meaning whether the sign includes the thumb or does not.
The illustration from the book Witches, by Una Woodruff and Colin Wilson (Crescent Books, New York, 1988), shows a satanic witch signaling the El Diablo.
Also shown: Manuela’s head, shaved to reveal an inverted Christian cross. Manuela also had a rough-edged, blood red circle tattooed on her scalp. She was sentenced to 13 years for her part in the murder and has since been released from a psychiatric unit.
An American member of the Aghora sect of Hinduism drinks from the top of a human skull. Some members of the sect practice cannibalism to gain magical powers (The Tampa Tribune, June 2, 2003).
This is a full page ad placed for the Cities 97 Basilica Block Party. The Basilica Block Party is an annual two-day music festival that takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event is hosted by the Basilica of St. Mary and described by City Pages as ‘summertime’s hottest church party’.
This photograph of President George W. Bush in Time magazine (June 4, 2001) is curious. It shows Bush presenting the horned devil sign. Also, the simultaneous joint use of the circle is evident. Nowhere in the article does the author explain why Bush is making this sign or even explain why he is dressed in what appears to be college robes. Just as curious, the article, including the caption, mentions the word charm, charmed, or charming a grand total of exactly six times. A charm, of course, is a magical talisman. The text also includes the eyebrow-raising phrases: ‘There’s something funny there’ and ‘something funny…’ Yes, indeed, there is something funny and strange at work here.
This article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper followed the international controversy of Bush and family giving what appeared to be the devil’s hand sign.
Yet another article, this one in Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram newspaper. The editors insisted that the Bushes were only displaying the ‘Hook ’em Horns’ sign common to University of Texas Longhorns fans. The article points out that in Africa and Europe, the sign is clearly the devil’s own. Doesn’t it seem odd to you that even Mother Barbara Bush is giving the sign? And, after all, neither George nor Laura were ever students at the University of Texas. George was a bonesman (Skull & Bones 322) at New England’s preppie school, Yale.
President George W. Bush is very adept at giving the sign.
Jenna Bush gives the sign on stage, in front of tens of millions of TV spectators, at her Dad`s inaugural in 2005. Seems like the whole family is on-board.
George Bush giving the satanic gesture again this time with Queen Elizabeth II.
Laura Bush, First Lady, sends out a diabolical message. Laura, a liberal, is pro-abortion. She has encouraged Americans to send money to Afghanistan for the restoration of a giant stone statue of Buddha partially destroyed by Islamic militants.
Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis and Benny Hinn. These three charlatans were among many apparently giving what some people claim is the universally recognized El Diablo – horns of the devil sign.
President Bill Clinton was often seen flashing the horned devil, as well as Vice President Dan Quayle.
Barack Obama flashes a sign as he is joined by his vice presidential running pedophile buddy Joe Biden, 2008.
Jesuit and a false prophet Pope Francis with the ‘I Love You Satan’ hand sign.
Pope Benedict XVI shows his alliance to Satan. Catholicism is pure satanism, it was purposely designed to mind control people.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
At left Marion Berry, Mayor of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Later arrested for cocaine possession, Mayor Berry once remarked, ‘Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.’ At right Roberta Achtenberg, Jewish lesbian activist who was a HUD official in the Clinton Administration, shows her philosophical leanings at a Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.
Tour de France champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong gestures heavenward with the index finger of his left hand while, with his right hand, Armstrong seems to be beckoning to a strange god known in the Bible as the ‘Prince of the power of the air.’ Lance Armstrong is a resident of Austin, Texas, and it is possible the famous athlete’s sign could just be in honor of the University of Texas at Austin. But if so, why give it in France?
The Beatles Yellow Submarine album cover. At right John Lennon flashed the El Diablo sign. At left, Paul McCartney gives the ‘OK,’ which is ‘666,’ sign while Lennon again displays the horned devil signal with his left hand. Years ago John Lennon indirectly told how The Beatles climbed to the top, what do you think he had in mind saying: ‘To succeed in the music business, you have to be a bastard. And the Beatles are the biggest bastards of all.’
Lennon, who once bragged the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, was assassinated just outside the Dakota House condominiums in New York City, where he and wife Yoko Ono lived. It was at the gothic Dakota House condominium complex that the deeply satanic movie, Rosemary’s Baby, was filmed.
The top two executives of the McDonald’s fast food chain jointly display interesting hand signs in this photograph in Newsweek dated February 2004. At left CEO Charlie Bell with his predecessor, Jim Cantalupo. Note that Bell (left) extends the thumb, Cantalupo does not, once again demonstrating the confusion – or is it simply the blurring of distinctions between the two types of signs. Are both men giving a diabolical sign or is neither?
Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, who is acknowledged as a homosexual and now a pedophile. The mysterious painting on the wall directly behind Spacey is of Lucifer, with horns, amidst the flames of hell. The revealing but quite subtle message below reads: ‘You’ve got to send the elevator back down.’
President Ronald Reagan`s daily schedule in the White House was meticulously arranged by an astrologer employed by the First Lady Nancy Reagan.
A demon possessed witch, MK-Ultra victim and former First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton.
Pop icon Michael Jackson sending his message to beloved fans.
The horned hand was intentionally shown while he performed, because they knew so many people around the world used to mimic Michael`s moves.
A complete fraud, Freemason and Satanist Joel Osteen – a wolf in sheep’s clothing, flashing ‘The sign of the curse.’
The same applies to his ‘prosperity preacher’ wife Victoria Osteen. ‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears’ – 2 Timothy 4:3.
Actress Meryl Streep gives the sign of the Devil just over the head of Angels in America director, Mike Nichols. In 2004, the HBO series Angels in America was aired. It was possibly the most evil TV program ever broadcast. The director and actress were given ‘Golden Globe’ awards, indicating how hateful Hollywood and the TV networks have become. The series depicted angels having sex with homosexuals and blasphemously mocked God. It praised communist spies like Ethel Rosenberg. (Photo: Newsweek, November 17, 2003)
Heather Whitestone, Miss America (1994) flashes what is clearly the deaf’s ‘I love you’ sign. Ms. Whitestone, who is deaf, is definitely not a satanist or occultist, but it goes to show how far deception can go.
In Conclusion

Nothing is what it seems…but this is the world we live in, knowing how deceptive this reality is, we need to have a basic foundation of understanding so we could recognize these wicked things in order not to be affected by them. If we know that our enemy wants to crush us, we have to be strong enough to push it back, this is why it is so important to share information with your friends and beloved ones. If you search for knowledge and wisdom, go to the source – the Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy word. This is total war against God and his creation.

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Tara Bulger
Tara Bulger

The letter F in sign language is the 666 hand sign or ok sign. F is the 6th letter of the alphabet. I have noticed alot of wall hangings with the phrase Faith Family and Friends, fooling ppl into unknowingly hanging a 666 on thier walls. Just a thought and an observation.

Kellie May Not
Kellie May Not

Just as I suspected, after showing this article to my teenage son, he replied, “But we don’t mean that when we use it”. He’s indoctrinated, as are millions of Americans who unsuspectingly flash this sign with smiles on their faces. Maybe we’re all just cursing one another. It makes perfect sense in this day and time. Stay vigilant! Fight the good fight! Know your enemy! Above all, love one another.


My daughter said the same thing.

Johnny Newby
Johnny Newby

Really enjoyed reading this article. Good to know there are like minded Christians alive this day in age. Keep pressing brothers and sisters. May the one and only true God of heaven and earth bless you.

Pissed off PATRIOT
Pissed off PATRIOT

I tell people about this sh** & they think I’m crazy. (Know I’m crazy) LoL…thot Trump was gonna pull this off, & all we got was the Q encouraging a bunch of desperates to go full tin hat, throwing a few crumbs, and then get shot at the Capitol with MSNBS mocking girl as a”mobster in a TROUPLE.” Beware what you do with your mind, & NEVER sit back &”TRUST THE PLAN”!!!! Eph 6:12

mark kane
mark kane

truly amazing thank you

Chris D Vecchio
Chris D Vecchio

But Helen Keller didn’t create sign language


That sounds sensible.

david fancher
david fancher


Pissed off PATRIOT
Pissed off PATRIOT

Exactly what I thought. She was taught sign language for the deaf as a child after a severe illness & high fever claimed her sight and hearing. I think the was 4 when her parents became desperate with her screaming, tantrums & food tossing, and were wealthy enough to afford the finest of tutors. Water was her “a-ha! word,” so it’s surprising & disappointing to hear satanic claims about her; More research needed! … If King Solomon, the wisest man alive fell to depths of creating a satanic bible, not much surprises me anymore. For the children’s sake, I pray… Read more »

Chris D Vecchio
Chris D Vecchio

But Hellen Keller didn’t create sign language