Conspiritus – 9/11 Documentary Never Shown On TV

The biggest “terrorism” false flag the world has ever seen, staged and acted by our own shadow government. The elite frauds need to be exposed and brought to public eyes. If you want to watch this video from it`s original source click here.

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Blaklee Downing
Blaklee Downing
4 years ago

I had a seizure in 2011. I was8 months pregnant. I ended up losing the baby. Stressn and heat caused me to loose the baby. Anyway, imsad it happen but everything happens for a reason. I have finally learned to accept that

Fergus henney
Fergus henney
3 years ago

Now that 90% off the ppl of this world know it was bush who instigated the twin towers Wtf is he not being charged for treason and terrorism aganist his own ppl.i find this bizarre how he is still doing whatever he wants .pure evil bastard he is.trumpnlock him the right thing if you want to make America great again.arrest all the bush clan and his cohorts.simple .that would give ppl the justice they deserve. Arrest bush before he goes to he’ll.i think God has a perfect plan when he meets him.but he needs to be charged,and Larry… Read more »