Down The Rabbit Hole: Edition #1 2019
The very first edition of DTRH: Katy Perry, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and others. How elite are further pushing pro abortion, gun control and monarch mind control programming.
Miley Cyrus in her latest musical video “Mother`s Daughter”, official video thumbnail is her making the one-eye symbol. Since this song is about pro abortion and women choice, the whole video clip is covered in red colors, outfits referring to the blood loss killing unborn children.
Of course MK-Ultra slave Miley Cyrus has no power over her handles and is doing what she was told. Why have children when you can have dogs and cats instead. Depopulation agenda at it`s finest. Is this how a loving mother should look like?
Throughout the clip we get flashes of disgusting images with statements like: “Virginity is a social construct”, “Not an object”, “Feminist AF”, “Women is a riot”. Her lyrics were calling good evil and evil good, and looking at her hands she is clearly forming an upside down pyramid. Whole thing was just a total garbage show.
Other Beta Kitten Monarch slave Katty Perry was having her own New Age performance. Lyrics were about losing self control and finding the New Age “love”. She and her dancers were collectively promoting the beast system, throwing pyramids at the sky.
After all evil comes in the name of love, so why not add in there some witchcraft to perform a little magic “New Age love” ritual. She drank that junk from the bottle and it was almost as if she opened her third eye.
This wasn`t the first time when Katy Perry was dressed and performed like a witch. Taken from ‘VOGUE’ magazine cover for satanic MET GALA in 2017. Pharrell Williams showing his alliance with baphomet horns and Katy Perry with one-eye symbolism on her forehead.
Devilish looking satanic puppet Madonna and her new album called “Madame X”. Lately she started wearing her eye patch everywhere she went. One-eye symbolism and evil look on her face definitely giving the creeps.
This is what she wrote on instagram: “Grateful 2 #1 records in the U.S, thanks to everyone who made it possible”. We all know who she prays to, no wonder she got awarder, probably a blood ritual was made for that record.
What is her new single about you ask, it`s about gun control of course and how we need to get rid of the guns to protect the little ones in New World Order school systems. More fear mongering, dividing and conquering communities.
The next video shot is pretty interesting since it only showed for a second, the poster on the wall says: “straight white men rule everything around me”. What are they trying to tell us, more racial discrimination and racial wars? Is this Gillette ad all over again?
Taylor Swift showing her monarch butterfly and a two headed serpent tattoo, what a surprise. Her new “hit” called “You Need To Calm Down” is directly addressed to Christians, because the musical clip is all about accepting the LGBTQ “taste the rainbow” programming.
i-D magazine doing more of the same. MK-Ultra is used not only on Hollywood actors, but on whatever that profits them money.
Rihanna`s photo shoot was a bit different, but it still featured one-eye subliminal symbolism and notice the red & blue color coding – occultic elite colors of power and control.
This time covering her eye with a butterfly and throwing satanic horns in there as well, great combination for the masses that have no clue what they`re seeing.
Will Smith doing his promo for new Aladdin movie in a dress, but if that`s not gay enough there is more…
This was from his earlier post on instagram on St. Patrick`s Day wearing a skirt and dancing like a school girl.
Will Smith also celebrated Jaden Smith`s 21st birthday on Youtube, the video uploaded on July 13th – interesting numerology. Jaden Smith is the face of “LOUIS VUITTON” women clothing line and like father like son he often wears skirts and flashes satanic horns as well.

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4 years ago

Poor Willow and Jaden. Can’t help but to pity them, they were born into this madness.

3 years ago
Reply to  moonglow