Down The Rabbit Hole: Edition #2 2019
In this edition of DTRH: Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Kevin Hart and more proof occultic Hollyweird is further blurring gender lines and pushing homosexuality.
The new ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ cover where Tom Holland is standing inside of a transparent pyramid and Samuel L. Jackson wears an eye patch symbolising ‘The Eye of Providence’ also know as ‘The All-Seeing Eye’.
This is not the first time when these so called “celebrities” show their luciferian alliance on mainstream platforms. Since they have millions of followers it is necessary for them to flash subliminal symbolism in order to stay in the “Big League”.
Samuel L. Jackson similarly as Tom Holland is promoting his new movie ‘Shaft’ on ‘EBONY’ African-american magazine while making a cabalistic hand gesture to show fellow freemasons and satanists that he is down with “The Brotherhood”.
Do not be deceived, many of Hollyweird sellouts have to pretend that they`re “Christians”, in order to appear as if they have moral values and dignity, but of course one of the main reasons is getting a better reception from the public. Even the cross is upside down.
More satanic symbolism…it is actually sad that these young “wannabe” actors and talent get drawn or sold out by their parents, where later on they get introduced to pandora`s box and occultic rituals, but this is the price for gaining the world.
Another picture where Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle were filming ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with special green screen costumes, but what is interesting is that their “outfits” are full of ‘As above, so below triangles’, another coincidence? In occultic world there is no such thing.
Speaking of just mentioned Mark Ruffalo, he was pushing further LGBTQ agenda. As he said in his own words “taking a moment this month to spotlight Larry Kramer, a personal hero fighting for LGBTQ community rights”. Interestingly enough, Larry Kramer in this picture is also wearing a triangle.
And in the next shot we have Mark Ruffalo kissing him, but knowing his “close relationship” with Robert Downey Jr. it is safe to say M.Ruffalo practices homosexual acts, this is why he supports LGBTQ activists.
99% of Hollywood is either gay or have homosexual relationships one way or another and the remaining 1% either died with secrets or got out in time.
No doubt there is something deeper between these two lovers.
Chris Evans is also playing his part – a switch hitter. Look at Robert Downey Jr. hands, showing baphomet horns in their private photo shoot.
Tom Holland was not the only ‘Avenger’ subliminally throwing satanic symbolism, Robert Downey Jr. this month was doing exactly the same.
As well as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson promoting Fast & Furious spin-off ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ in Hollywood boulevard.
This is Kevin Hart celebrating his 40th birthday joining ‘The Boule party’ just like the other A-listers.
Kevin`s birthday party looked more like a ritual in front of big hindu goddess looking statue.
Keanu Reeves was spotted this month too, how else would Keanu make John Wick 3.
‘X – Men: Dark Pheonix’ movie cover, the name itself represents luciferian New Age movement – Pheonix rising from it`s own ashes forming a New World Order. Plus the obvious red & blue color symbolism.
We can see similar color coding in the new satanic Disney movie ‘Aladdin’.
And the same with ‘Captain Marvel’ or should I say ‘Captain Wokeness’.
Looks like Brie Larson also learned how to subliminally program the masses, in her instagram photo it looks like she is playing with red and blue light sabers, but it also awfully looks like she`s forming an upside down cross.
Mads Mikkelsen in his new Netflix film called ‘Polar’, once again just like Samuel L. Jackson he has an eye patch, more one-eye symbolism.
Also worth mentioning the upcoming ‘King`s Man’, an action comedy style movie making fun of secret societies and conspiracies. This time they have a cover with cabalistic and freemasonic hand gesture, hidden in plain sight.
Lastly Chris Brown promoting 1989 ‘Black Pyramid’ clothing line, seeing Chris Brown`s mental breakdown he is doing more of the same.

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4 years ago

I understand what you mean, about the photo of the young man with the cross in his mouth, but we must keep in mind, that the cross itself is abomination it’s an idol and we are told not to deal with Idolatry, also (acts 5:30) states that HAMASHIACH was hung from a tree, and Christians or christianity is found no where in the bible, the bible doesn’t support religion or christianity but reveals the truth of YAH and his choosen people, and His Son YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH.

4 years ago
Reply to  UZZIYYAH

Hmm, interesting point. But didn’t crucifixions take place on crosses by the Romans?

4 years ago
Reply to  cryptopancakes

There’s actually more evidence now that proves that they performed many executions (in Jesus’ time) on stakes, not crosses. The symbol of the cross more likely comes from paganism and was adopted by the early false church to ease more pagans into Christianity, look at the Egyptian ankh for an obvious example

3 years ago
Reply to  Jaygirl

Evidence?? from who?? the same luciferian fags that wrote history to brain wash people? Why would luciferian masons mock their own pagan symbol??? that doesnt make any sense.

Amanda Fight
Amanda Fight
1 year ago
Reply to  Bolo

when you want to program the whole world to not take freemasonry and its symbols seriously that’s quite obvious to me that they want to hide it and mocking is the best way to program the masses because everyone has a tv or phone and most people believe what they see on a movie as facts its sad. It’s so obvious, especially when JFK was assassinated right after he exposed the freemasons and their secret societies in his secret society speech back in the 60s.

4 years ago

The green screen photo with Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle were filming ‘Avengers: Endgame’ , I think the triangles help with motion capturing to make the it accurate for the SFX, I think you stretchered it a bit far on that IMO, the rest I agree!

T Borg
T Borg
1 year ago

What I noticed was that they are forming a pyramid with their arms.