Down The Rabbit Hole: Edition #3 2019
In this edition of DTRH: Jason Mamoa, Ezra Miller, Norman Reedus, Lil Nas X and others once again proving the point that in order to be successful in Hollyweird you have to take the ‘unspoken’ deal.
This symbol, does it look familiar? Jason Mamoa was recently posting his ‘fight’ for a sacred Hawaiian mountain called ‘Mauna Kea‘, along with his children and many protesters this ‘sign’ was widely used in the campaign.
Apparently this gesture means ‘solidarity for Mauna Kea‘ or ‘Unity and mutual support within a group’. As ‘official’ news articles state: ‘Native Hawaiians are not protesting against science, but instead are seeking respect for sacred places, and our planet’. I ask them, who took the decision to make illuminati pyramid the official symbol?
There were also those who jumped on the bandwagon and it became a shift on instagram, and other social platforms as well showing their support for this campaign, reminding me of another useless trend like ‘the ice bucket challenge’. Are these people oblivious to what they`re doing? Most likely.
Is Mamoa unaware of his actions? Definitely not, because this brings me to another subject – Hollyweird celebrities. They were all over this ‘event’ which of course leads me to think that it was intentional. What`s pushed by the media is controlled by the secret hand. All of them know the ins and outs.
Ezra Miller which attended at the ‘Mauna Kea‘ protest and who actually is a close friend of Jason Mamoa, at this year`s Met Gala 2019 ‘fashion show’ he came dressed as androgynous figure wearing multiple sets of eyes makeup (opening third eye) while also flashing the satanic horns.
This is not the first time he`s done something similar. As Miller stated previously, he identifies himself as “Queer”, because he liked kissing boys when he was younger, but he had been attracted to females mostly.
Of course getting a role in a multi-million dollar picture as ‘Justice League’ comes at a price. In this case a half naked photoshoot in a PlayBoy magazine. Trust me, this is not the worst photo.
The Disney media programming continues sucking souls into the devil`s playground we call ‘Hollywood’. Bunny symbolizes monarch programming – a victim.
Ever fantasize wearing women`s underwear? Me neither, but it applies to everyone in the entertainment industry. The more money you make, the more you have to give back, meaning – the rituals are coming.
Hollyweird top A-lister and money maker Tom Cruise also know as ‘the scientology guy’ visited ‘The Walking Dead’ stars Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. More satanic symbolism? You bet.
However there is something unsettling about these two. They always tend to behave more than just ‘screen partners’.
The whole ‘I kiss you, you kiss me’ or ‘this is just a friendly reminder that he`s my friend’ nonsense got old pretty fast.
Do you see the pattern here?
And one more time for clarification.
You might ask what is Bill Murray doing in a dress. Even at the old age you are still obliged to play by the rules until you die and bury all the secrets. No one is an exception.
Just casually throwing the ‘666’ hand sign, but would you notice if you knew nothing about their subliminal symbolism and rituals? The general public is manipulated on daily basis.
Frank Grillo was doing it blatantly, because he knows his followers have no clue and would never question his actions, like they usually do by staying ignorant.
When the ‘Old Town Road’ hit No. 1 on billboard, Lil Nas got famous overnight, making him a ‘wanted man’ in the business. Soon enough he started throwing the symbols.
Lil Nas on ‘Teen Vogue‘ cover doing one-eye symbolism. Knowing how Billy Ray Cyrus raised Miley Cyrus, I think it is safe to say that he played a major role in Lil Nas success.
And here we have Miley Cyrus herself promoting the Rainbow lifestyle, as a good MK-Ultra puppet following The New World Order program.
Top quality posts for teen followers. You`d think this type of ‘content’ would be banned, but it never is.
Mark Wahlberg with One Direction singer Liam Payne, pumping up that iron and of course letting us know that he stands with the beast system.
Another One Direction member Louis Tomlinson forming the pyramid, because that`s how naturally humans put fingers.
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was spotted doing the same thing, but in a different form at #REVOLTsummit, where Diddy invites “The real hustlers” to discuss the impact and influence of Gay/Homosexual Hip – Hop.
The new movie ‘Rocketman‘, based on Elton John`s breakthrough years, was full of symbolism as well. One of them being the main ‘character’ wearing a satanic costume.
The next shot showed the same satanic figure, in this case Elton John`s ‘character’ coming from the bright light through masonic pillars. It got more and more blatant watching this scene.
Another Walt Disney victim and MK-Ultra slave Britney Spears, shared her ‘fascinating’ experience with Yoga, thanking God that she was ‘cleansed’. I`m sure opening doors to demonic possessions, and the ‘666’ Yoga position makes it even better.
Justin Bieber and ‘his boys’ were having a great time at disco ‘Church’. Carl Lentz and his ‘New Age Christianity‘ has a special place in garbage can.
Justin that day was posting several videos where his ‘boys’ aka ‘preachers’ were on fire for Jesus. That of course, was all talk, it always is.
Last but not least Carl Lentz once again showing where he puts his trust. Worshiping the baphomet.

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Its the movement and position of the body that is satanic. Satanic worship is not done by a single action I.e spoken. For you also have the unspoken. Example symbolism.


Yoga is not throwing up the 666 hand sign haha. It’s not even the same hand gesture. Way different. It’s called a mudra. Gnana mudra to be specific. I follow your channel but the yoga slide is nonsense. I am a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga which is a purifying and cleansing practice to align your chakras and help you connect to source/God/higher self. By creating heat in the body, you remove toxin that have accumulated. It’s a beautiful pactice much like Qi gong or tai chi.

Joris Vander Cammen
Joris Vander Cammen

I agree that the hand gesture of putting thumb and index together, isn’t solely useful to satanists. I has much to do with context and your intention. I also put index and thumb together during meditation or so and I am not actively trying worship satan or something like that.


I agree with Meag. This website definitely has a lot of information that is valuable, however some things I feel the mark is missed.