Inside The Actors Studio – Christopher Walken

Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton and guest – Cristopher Walken. An extremely rare Inside The Actors Studio DVD collection thats almost impossible to find, luckily I was able to recover some of these interviews as they were quickly scrubbed from the internet after James Lipton passed away. Whoever owns the rights doesnt want any of these to be seen by the public. Hopefully some of you will find these interviews helpful and interesting as to understanding these peoples backgrounds.

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Steve kosko
Steve kosko
6 months ago

Vary interesting how Chris answers some of the questions anyone who has had any good amount of life experience can tell when a person isn’t being honest by the way they answer things . But anyway if you understand what I mean you understand but he gives off the same vibe as all these super big Hollywood actors in the way he seems like he really didn’t work to hard to get where he is and like the others he doesn’t like to watch himself perform because it’s not really him doing the acting it’s the demon working through him… Read more »