Jack Black And The E3 2019 Sellout Awards

It is no surprise why in 2019 YouTube spent millions of dollars silencing and deleting so called conspiracy channels speaking out against the new world order or as they say “videos pushing extreme views” while at the same time promoting absolute filth pushing their further agendas.

The platform as we knew before made specifically for regular people to speak out freely regardless any topics has been taken away by the mega corporation sharks thus having a complete control over the website manipulating the system as they wish and monitoring absolutely every “extremist” out there.

Speaking of promoting filth we have another hardcore satanist Jack Black now having his own YouTube channel and just like Will Smith uploading complete garbage actively encouraging his wicked Hollywood industry lifestyle to his brain-dead zombie followers.

Jack Black programming his audience to satanic New World Order agendas on his channel showing complete obedience to his puppet masters.
“I Sold My Soul For Fame And Money”

Before we continue exposing Jack Black`s abysmal YouTube channel and his true colors as well as intentions on the platform, let`s start with a short E3 introduction.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as E3, is an annual premier trade-event for the video-game industry in Los Angeles. They often invite various gaming community and internet “celebrities” such as Dr.Disrespect who is widely known on twitch streaming platform having over 1 million followers.

He was constantly throwing subliminal symbolism throughout the whole event while being in his character and as all good characters you have to stay in your puppet role.
This is him talking with executive producer of some sort. He flashed satanic horns several times during their meeting. Then executive producer asked him if he`s open to Hollywood invitations while shaking his hand freemasonic way.

This is what they had to say to each other:

“Executive: are you open for Hollywood invitations?
Dr.Disrespect: are we talking Tarantino scale or Tom Cruise?
Executive: we`re talking Tom Cruise. We got a show that we are putting on, allowing guys like you to come in and entertain your fans and all that stuff.
Dr.Disrespect: I love multi-million dollar deals baby! We always know who to isolate.”

So as you see these “invitations” are constantly happening all around the world and not just in Hollywood, the elite has the power and control recruiting their puppets in all areas.
Also worth mentioning him winning the best streamer award a few years ago was no accident, it`s a gift from powers that be for putting up a great show misleading his dumbed down audience.

And this is usually how they get these “influencers” to work for the cabal. They gift them invitations to various parties and award shows for their so called “great work” in the community, most of them take the bait not even realizing what they got themselves into. It`s all elegant while they meet up with people in high positions who offer them contracts promising that from now on many doors and opportunities will open and their careers will boost immensely as well as their faces being promoted all over the business.

This is a perfect example of instant “success”, arriving to TwitchCon in a brand new Lamborghini Aventador. What they will never tell you is how they made the deal.

Many of them have no problem selling their soul for that “Twitch cash”, since they`re so focused on materialistic, they don`t believe in having a soul anyways. And the next thing you know the cabal wants them to throw few symbols here and there in order for brotherhood to know that you`ve joined the “club” and that now you might be introduced to these occultic rituals in enormous mansions like in “Eyes Wide Shut”. They`re useful idiots or so called “tools” to lead a stray millions of followers, they have no idea what the big picture is and I bet they`ll be the first one`s to get and promote the mark of the beast.

Just casually throw that illuminati pyramid and you will be sponsored by multi-national “toxic masculinity” company “Gillette” that was recently caught profiting off forced child labor and price fixing in no time.
E3 Predictive Programming

Just like the streamers who sell their dignity for a short period of time you could say the whole game show is an empty and meaningless shell as well.

E3 and “The Game Awards” (annual award ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry) have many similarities between each other – they`re full of Babylonian new age symbolism.

As we see in this picture from last year`s “Game Awards” show they had two huge ‘pillar like’ pyramids and between them enormous size statue. This looked a lot like some greek goddess worship ceremony.
Later on they added red + blue symbolism, the elite`s colors of power. Mixing two pillars together. Purple is a symbol of imperial royalty and rich-ness know in freemasonry.
And I kid you not “The best Esports player” was some weird “furry” guy who named himself “SonicFox”. This particular part was cringe to watch and I felt sad for the people who praised this man for winning an award.
Jonah Hill also got an invite to the party. The more Hollywood you get on board the easier it is to sell the programming. I want point out his blonde hair, usually blonde is a sign of MK-Ultra victims such as Kanye West and many others.
It is also worth mentioning that two biggest gaming industry leaders Sony and Xbox got on the pride bandwagon. Not surprised because elite`s one of the most important goals is to depopulate humanity.
It should say “Play with Pride unless you want to be called a homophobe”. The narrative is being pushed harder everyday and now every month of the year became a pride month, who could have known.
Similar scenario in military shooter game Rainbow Six: Siege. Embrace the LGBTQ rainbow unicorn land. “Rainbow is magic” or in short – Depopulation agenda 2030.

Now that we`ve roughly understood “The Game Awards” and these multi-million dollar companies hidden agenda let`s take a look at E3`s upcoming video games starting with Bethesda Game Studios.

Bethesda Game Studios designer, director and producer Todd Howard making a subtle but noticeable masonic hand sign forming a pyramid.
They introduce us to one of the most popular video game franchises “Wolfenstein” and their upcoming new game “Wolfenstein Youngblood”. As seen before the color coding continues.
Apparently you play as two teenage girls killing nazis constantly laughing while slaughtering them. I would not be surprised if they were also lesbians. Take a closer look at their cyborg armor, it`s a satanic pyramid with the all seeing eye.
In 2019 they cannot just have a product without shoving illuminati pyramids down their customers throats nowadays, can`t they?
“Wolfenstein YoungBlood” cover is more of the same red & blue programming.
The next game “Rage 2” which is set in a post-apocalyptic world had a cinematic trailer saying “THEY ARE COMING”. “They” referring to the upcoming beast system? The new age? New world order?
At this point it looks more like mocking than video game marketing. Some lunatic in the trailer carved illuminati third eye symbol on his forehead, these are satan`s minions.
We can find similar examples not just in cinema or video game industry, but in all entertainment. “The Man Is Watching YOU” illuminati poster was blatantly put in the most successful video game ever made “Grand Theft Auto 5”.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” itself is full of predictive programming, from main characters talking about conspiracy to signs and symbols that developers decided to put in the game. You can find this huge wall where hands are forming a triangle, on the far left side there is a letter “V – for 5th age” and on the right it looks like it`s an all-seeing eye.

The colorful text surrounding this huge wall reads like this: “For when the great scorer comes to write against your name, he marks not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.”
Moving forward the next project Bethesda Game Studios introduced was “DOOM Eternal”. A video game sequel where you “Doom Slayer” kill all the demons and satan himself in the bottomless pit of hell.
What is absolutely disturbing that it is not only demonic, but these pentagrams, baphomet horns and other satanic worship symbols can make an influence to a young child`s mind, most parents do not care to what filth and traumas their children are being exposed.

The next big studio that I saw using massive programming was Ubisoft. Their new video game called “Watch Dogs Legion” which is basically “Anonymous” hacker group set in the near future in London is trying to make a revolution and take down the surveillance state know as “The Big Brother”. The game also emphasizes heavily on civilian resistance and terrorism.

This is how “Watch Dogs Legion” is described:

“In the near future London is facing it`s donwfall…unless you do something about it. Build a resistance, fight back, and give the city back to the people, it is time to rise up. Monitor and hack all who surround you by manipulating everything connected to the city`s network. Access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information, control traffic lights, and public transportation to stop the enemy.

“Watch Dogs Legion” sounds a lot like new world order and martial law state with flying drones and security cameras all over the place scanning faces. Not to mention the same color coding as seen before.
Since the player is in the near future where security is more advanced you can`t just walk past through certain doors, developer explains how RFID chips are huge part of the game calling them “remote pocked pick”.
We can see in their previous “Watch Dogs” titles how much blood, sweat and tears these “developers” put in their witchcraft. One of the main characters had an all-seeing eye tattoo on her chest.
Having in mind that “Anonymous” group is funded by the government itself, it` no wonder why main protagonists in previous games wore bandanas with a masonic compass logo also known as the seal of Saturn. These video games are showing us the hidden truth.

Transhumanism themes were also strong and present at E3. One of those games was “Cyberpunk 2077”, where you play as a mercenary “V – 5th age” in the distant future whose sex, hairstyles, face, body type and body modifications are deeply customisable.

The game gives huge attention on merging man with machine, becoming less human and more like cyborg trying to finding it`s way to immortality.
These mercenaries were heavily augmented in body modifications, they became obsessed with cyberware slowly losing their humanity.

So as we move further we can clearly see a repeating pattern here, the true meaning of these “awards”, more and more looking like a ceremony type massive brainwashing rituals. We can now get a better sense on who the real owners of these shows are.

Jack Black – A Pawn That`s Pushed By The Occultic Elite
Jack Black and his son Samuel Jason Black getting their YouTube 100k plaques in just a couple of days reaching over 4 million subscribers. Special treatment for special guests.

Satan worshiper and Illuminati puppet Jack Black who calls himself a “Hollywood comedian” has admitted to selling his soul to the industry long time ago jokingly saying “how else do you explain us being here”, like all the loyal puppets do, they always like to joke about it, hiding truth in plain sight.

A few months ago I found out that he created his own shill channel called “JablinskiGames”, so I decided to keep an eye on his content and shortly after understanding exactly why luciferian mega corporation like YouTube constantly puts him on their frontpage – “trending” list. As you could probably guess his “passion” for video games is just a cover up for his true narratives being pushed on the platform

This is “JablinskiGames” official intro, you seen it in all of his videos all the time. I think it is obvious where his influence for darkened right eye came from.

Let`s start from the latest news, him being at E3 and what particularly caught my eye in that event. He went to a private booth at E3 to speak in front of the large audience explaining why he started playing video games and decided to become a “YouTuber” or in other words – paid shill.

What is interesting is that they were sitting between two masonic pillars and that same exact intro looked like it was almost forming a luciferian pyramid (an all-seeing eye between two pillars).
What can you expect from a hardcore satanist and illuminati puppet who sold his soul for fame and money? More devil horns obviously.
And of course why stop it there when you can show your “I love you satan” sign everywhere you go.
I bet Jack Black has fantastic performance tips for singers too.
In fact he was showing his devotion and loyalty to the cabal not only while taking pictures with his “fans”, but also while driving home. I guess he got so used to this symbol so much that now he`s throwing it almost naturally not even thinking about it.

In the episode called “Father of Dragons (feat. Karen Gillan)” Jack Black and Karen Gillan on their 15 minute break from shooting Jumanji sequel decided to have a little chat and play some video games. Interestingly enough he was constantly “fixing” his glasses in a ‘slightly’ weird manner.

Almost blatantly showing 666 while chatting about a video game character named “Tasmanian devil”. Could “devil” possibly be a trigger word? knowing Hollywood witchcraft, most certainly yes.

Similar thing happened in his other episodes when in a video game format he tried to defeat satan from destroying the earth. I find it quite ironic to be honest.

Jack Black and his son getting a YouTube 100k plaques and at the same time talking about a fever of ‘666’, what are the odds?
The next shot shows him holding a ‘666’ thermometer and his eyes glowing in hellish red. This is why YouTube has absolutely no problem promoting his content, they both work for the same beast.
And speaking of the beast, he finally starts playing his own video game called “Brutal Legends” where Jack Black seduces kids and his followers to satan in a heavy metal concert.

“What I hold in my hand, it`s not just gonna blow your mind, it is gonna blow your soul. Go ahead, open it if you dare. This game opens a portal to another dimension, a dimension of metal! The crowd is going nuts cause they think it`s all part of the show, they don`t realize a portal to hell has been a breach! And here we go!”

A week later he made a similar play session with Awkwafina (another victim of the entertainment industry) feeding satan in a video game in order to save humanity.

“Jack Black: Oh my God, it is post-apocalyptic.
Awkwafina: It is apocalyptic, this restaurant exists in a really messed up place.
Jack Black: It is the end of the world because of meteor.
Awkwafina: Yes.
Jack Black: Well this is it, the end of times…
Awkwafina: I mean obviously like, the beast is approaching.
Jack Black: When did the beast get involved? Why is it Biblical? This is just meteors, also satan is coming?
Awkwafina: Satan is coming and he is really really hungry, we need to feed him, you know what I mean?
Jack Black: Okay, cool.

Another example how Jack Black shows his complete obedience to his puppet masters and powers that be is by wearing baphomet (as above so below) satanic t-shirts.
And in this shot we see black & white baphomet figure with one darkened eye sticking it`s tongue out. Just following his orders and playing his role.

Also J.Black recently made a quick ‘blog’ introducing his metal band where he and other “Tenacious D” band members practice their performances before going live on stage. I wonder what Holy Mary looking painting with red – blue color coding is doing on a heavy metal and satanic cult wall.

Kyle Gass here looks heavily under MK-Ultra programming. Someone even edited this part twice where K.Gass stood still and didn`t even blink once, they quickly cut to the shot where he came back to “normal” from his trance.
And this takes us to the next picture where Black was doing a tour around his house. We get shown “Pick of Destiny” original artwork for the movie where on the left Jack Black and Kyle Gass mock God and his creation, and on the right they embrace luciferianism.

Luke 10-18:
“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

Of course continuing the tour a few demon faces get thrown here and there. As he said in his video this letter from Ozzy Osbourne is very dear to him, somehow I don`t doubt it.
And here we have Jack Black jokingly saying that Obama tried to kiss his wife, but “they`re just friends”. I am sure that this creepy behavior is totally normal in the occult world. Sex magic, orgies and sacrifice rituals are also a big part of secret societies.
J.Black kissing skateboard with a pheonix and a cross logo on it. Pheonix rising from it`s ashes represents new creature, just like the new world order – A new system forming from chaos and destruction. It says on the cross “Dog Town” or if you read it in reverse “God Town”. We already know which God he refers to.
More false left – right paradigm. Red or blue? Republicans or democrats? They`re all the same.
Let`s wrap it up with more color symbolism for the occult elite.
In Conclusion

We can clearly see a parallel here. These people do not have our best intentions. Similar narratives and agendas being pushed simultaneously meaning that there is no more place for regular people to freely speak out. You either accept it or they`ll push it down our throats one way or another.

A paradigm shift is approaching, more and more truth content and channels spreading awareness are going to be wiped out. It is clear that everything pushed by YouTube is inline with the elite`s agenda. And in order be free from their mind control chains we have to break free from the media.

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4 years ago

His parents are rocket scientists, and his mom worked on the Hubble telescope. Yet another military kid who was likely groomed as an MK ultra victim. Sad and disgusting. All these “rockers” and “actors” have parents in the military or government. That’s why the majority of the population will never reach fame like they do. It’s generational satanism.

Tears in a Vial
Tears in a Vial
4 years ago

Ugh, Jack Black sure turned into a f****** creep… then again, he probably always was one.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will sure have a hell of a lot more of the NWO programming than the original did. It is known as the most popular RPG ever made. No wonder they waited so long to finally do it….

3 years ago

Reading in reverse could it be God Nwot? Like New World Order Time or something?

4 years ago

The pyramid in the Youtube logo, the press play logo it is not.

M the gr3at
M the gr3at
4 years ago

What talent does Jack Black really offer. He has no lasting value as a human, which makes sense why he would have to sell something to begin with. Even he knows that he is a lesser version of human.
Fat, envious and craving; if he was born of a superior bloodline, his omnipotent character would be enough to please the watchers to his worth. Then he could pass into the realm of the true God without feeling unequal.

M the gr3at
M the gr3at
4 years ago
Reply to  M the gr3at

I am not a religious nut, but there is great power and healing in the belief of what Jesus is meant to be… Remember that.

4 years ago

the youtube logo with pyramid in the centre….