This Clown Goes To A Pride Parade To ‘Skate’ For Your Sins

The “Pride Month” has officially ended last month, but have you ever asked yourself why it`s still going ‘strong’? Well, i`m glad you did, that is because everyday is now a pride day and every month is a pride month, and if we have 365 days a year, that means each year is a pride year. It`s called massive social engineering at it`s finest, in accepting the fact that they`re changing humanity on a global scale, Sodom and Gomorrah and total madness all over again.

Do Not Worry, He Will Skate For You
‘Jesus’ looking character throwing baphomet horns and wearing a pride flag.

A month ago the guy pretending to be fake ‘Jesus Sananda’ looking figure went, as he says, to the ‘Holy Pride’ parade to ‘bless’ homosexuals and to announce that he, being ‘Jesus’ has no problem with sin.

‘Skating for your sins’. Outrageous behavior, some have absolutely no moral compass and understanding what Christ actually did for us on the cross.

His YouTube channel having over 1 million subscribers is also by the name ‘Jesus Christ’, blew up rapidly after another degenerate corporate shill PewDiePie shared his ‘testimony’, how he is allegedly losing custody with his children and was grown up in occult, but because of YouTube he was able to learn the ‘truth’, he says. The video was called “Jesus Christ needs your HELP!”, and of course it got viral and to the point where the fake ‘Jesus’ guy got the financial ‘help’ he needed. I however, do not buy into this phoney story at all.

You can witness this character`s drama by watching his fraudulent ‘testimony’ reading his script:

So after all the support he got, the blasphemy continued and no one had a problem with it. As I said before, he recently made a video called ‘Jesus goes to a Pride Parade’, in the description below he wrote ‘Join your favorite Lord and Savior as he attends the Long Beach Pride Parade to show his support and love for the LGBT community’.

I`m pretty sure YouTube community has no problem with such ‘quality’ content material, so i am safe knowing that the video links will not be removed.

Unfortunately, this is not the only time when such hideous mockery takes place. It is on a global scale and getting worse by the minute.

‘Would Jesus discriminate’, the annual pride parade in Chicago holding ‘Jesus’ signs and images.
Atheists and ‘Jesus’ participate in Winsconsin gay pride parade.
Behind the scenes at ‘Corpus Christi’, a play about a gay ‘Jesus’.
These people have absolutely no clue what they`re saying. ‘My people will perish for lack of knowledge’ – Hosea 4:6. Truly sad.
Homosexual, transgender activists blaspheme Jesus Christ at Brazilian pride parade.
The End Goal – They Want You

In 1987, Michael Swift was asked to contribute an editorial piece to GCN, an important gay community magazine. A decade later this text, printed in the Congressional Record is repeatedly cited, apparently verbatim, by the religious right as evidence of the “Gay Agenda”. 

From Gay Community News, Feb. 15-21, 1987 
(reprinted from The Congressional Record, with preface restored)

Or you can read full documentation of the homosexual agenda here.

So as we see, the plan was successful. With the help of mass mind control in the media, as well as social conditioning in the subliminal advertisements, our modified food, cinema and music industry, this plan was a perfect fit for the global elite. They have conditioned people well enough that they`re so blind to the truth, they simply cannot accept it. Most of the times you either get called a bigot or a homophobe. How do you depopulate the planet and ‘maintain humanity under 500.000.000 in perpetual balance with nature’ as it is written on Georgia guidestones? By destroying the concept of traditional family.

This is the perfect illustration how desensitized people became to their surroundings and social engineering. Mass mind control in London subway station.
Want to take some money out of ATM and buy some skittles? Well guess what, embrace the rainbow or go home hungry.
From Human To Creature
Would you let your children to sit on their lap? Pedophilia should be illegal.

Have you ever heard term ‘Drag Queen’ or ‘Drag Kid’? If not, i`m glad you haven`t witnessed this horror yet. The ‘Drag’ culture is gaining popularity rather quickly, attracting young ‘families’ to it`s cultural ‘phenomena’, but it`s disturbing beyond perception. This is how social media describes ‘Drag Queens’:

“Drag queens are performance artists, almost always male, who dress in women’s clothing and often act with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles with a primarily entertaining purpose. The activity, which is called doing drag, has many motivations, from individual self-expression to mainstream performance.”

The elite wants the same normalization of ‘Drag Queens’ just like the LGBTQ community, having rights of expressing their ‘individuality’.

This is from ‘educational’ YouTube channel called ‘Queer Kid Stuff’. Introducing a demonic looking ‘Drag Queen’ to little children. The comments and ratings for this video are disabled, i`m glad some people still have common sense.
Notice the subliminal messages all over the place. It`s not by accident, they subliminally program kids to this abominable stuff.
The ‘Drag ‘ culture is also popular among European countries, such as Germany.
‘Gloria Viagra’ most famous ‘Drag Queen’ in Berlin. Have people gone mad?

This is exactly what they want your kids to grow up, a ‘Drag Monsters’, a gender-fluid baphomet looking figures. Unfortunately, some already are and in particular a young child ‘Desmond Is Amazing’. This is how they describe Desmond:

“Desmond “Desi” Napoles (stage name: Desmond is Amazing) is a 12-year old drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, editorial and runway model, public speaker, performer, founder of his own drag house: the Haus of Amazing, fashion designer, film and TV actor, published author, muse, legendary up-and-coming member of the original pioneering voguing house, the House of UltraOmni, and icon from New York City. He began imitating the drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race by fashioning household items into dresses and wigs. Most importantly, he is an inspiration to many and a representation of hope for the future to come.”

What this poor kid ‘Desmond’ doesn`t know, is that he is a victim of satanic mind control conditioning.
‘Desmond Is Amazing’ in the LGBTQ pride parade march.
Why would anyone think this was a good idea? Sickening.
Do I need to add more? Parents are completely oblivious and out of touch to what is happening.
Who wants a satanic horned beast story time before they go to bed?
How about letting people with mental disorder into public schools, to teach children how can they discover their ‘true identity’?
Let`s not forget the New World Order controlled media ‘CBC Arts’, further pushing insanity with their videos. They even made multiple seasons and playlists.
Homosexual Entertainment Industry

Hollywood and Disney are two major players in the ‘equality’ movement. Many actors and actresses are so called ‘closet’ homosexuals, a homosexual who hasn`t told anyone about his/her sexuality. In order to be a ‘star’ and to move your career forward you have to make a deal with the satanic elite, so it is really no surprise why some of them admit that homosexual ‘lifestyle’ is the way to go in 21st century. For example, Tom Holland recently said he would be okay to play gay Spider-Man.

‘Totally down with a gay Spider-Man’, that is because he got his Spider-Man part by participating in homosexual rituals.

Oddly enough Ryan Reynolds said similar thing. Could this be, that this whole gay agenda narrative is being pushed out by Hollywood at the same time? The world is ready to accept this ideology and to take the Mark of the Beast without even thinking twice.

Do you see the pattern here? Ryan Reynolds and many others would ‘Love’ to explore their characters sexuality.

Reynolds told a fan that the franchise’s future movies should, and hopefully will, feature a broader spectrum of L.G.B.T.Q. characters. This is what he had to say:

“I certainly think that this universe needs to represent and reflect the world in very real ways, the great thing about Deadpool is that we’re allowed to do things that other superhero movies don’t necessarily do. It is something that i`d love to see more of, certainly through Wade, certainly through this universe. Pansexual. I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool.”

Hollywood is not the only platform their interested, video games play a huge role too because the companies are owned by the same people.

Spider-Man staking a selfie near pride flag and a rainbow wall showing satanic horns. A picture says more than a thousand words, sadly people eat it up like it`s the best thing ever.
‘More LGBT Programs’ could it get even more obvious?

To be honest, this is an endless topic to discuss, but now I will show the ones that I saw last month or so supporting LGBTQ movement one way or another.

Don Cheadle was doing his part on ‘Saturday Night Live’. As he said ‘standing up for trans kids’. These sellouts have no soul left in them.
Ian Mckellen who likes to kiss his lover Patrick Stewart in public also attended in pride parade this month.
This is where Neil Patrick Harris goes when he`s not doing his ‘mormon musical awards’.
Chaning Tatum and Matt Bomer. ‘Magic Mike’ movie and them dancing on poles was most likely not far from the truth, this is probably what they do in their ‘private’ lives.
The witch herself was at the pride parade, having her own satanic one-eye symbolism performance before the public.
Taylor Swift had similar concert just with a bit more ‘flavors’.
Last but not least, Elton John and Taron Egerton who recently filmed in ‘Rocketman’, a movie about Elton John. How do you think he got the part? The kiss wasn`t enough.
In Conclusion

Each year we see more diversity, more ‘trends’ shoved down our throats, more need for ‘equality’ and ‘tolerance’, everyone wants to be right, but by doing so people end up judging and hating one another. It will only get worse and eventually this trainwreck will build up to such extent that it will crash miserably. This sinful state, fallen world will not prevail, but we have to be watchmen and to guard our minds from this manipulation in order to see through these lies. The enemy will divide and conquer, but we cannot give in to temptations.

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4 years ago


Rusty D. J.
Rusty D. J.
4 years ago

This is so sad. God said it would be better to tie a boulder around you neck and throw yourself into the ocean than to pervert his children. Hell is coming to these people and unfortunately they beg for it to come. They will regret this stupid mistake soon enough. As much as I’d like to see that, we still need topray for these sick individuals…?

Valarie Roxanne Johnson
Valarie Roxanne Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Rusty D. J.

agree amen praying weeps

Valarie Roxanne Johnson
Valarie Roxanne Johnson
4 years ago

so sad to see children be abused in this nature so distressing

David King
David King
4 years ago

Thanks for this content. The wrath of the Lord shall surely be unleashed on all evil. The antichrist is near or is already here this content proves it

3 years ago

Wow… it is very spread and i think its all falling apart..

3 years ago

This is so much better than YouTube. There are so much information put intact in just one place.?????

1 year ago

I don’t understand how people can do this and be ok with it, where is there conscience, there humanity ??

Servant of Yeshua
Servant of Yeshua
9 months ago
Reply to  Lilly

this is what the devil’s will for mankind looks like

8 months ago

“Satire”- the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

I feel like y’all are freaking out here a bit too much, just saying! Just as well, this article is absolutely terrible. So much hate towards so many people, I mean really it’s ridiculous!