Jordan Peele`s Latest Movie “Us” And The Secret Meaning Behind it

Jordan Peele in 2017 filmed and published a psychological thriller called “Get Out” subconsciously filled with secret CIA MK-Ultra underground operations and this time his latest picture “Us” goes one step further and heavily focuses on another “bizarre” topic – human cloning or as he likes to call them “the tethered”. And as the previous movie it is also filled with occultic and monarch programming symbolism.

“My Imagination Went Crazy”

“Us” short movie plot:

“In order to get away from their busy lives, the Wilson family (main protagonist being Adelaide) takes a vacation to Santa Cruz, California with the plan of spending time with their friends, the rich Tyler family. On a day at the beach, their young son Jason almost wanders off, causing his mother Adelaide to become protective of her family. That night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide’s childhood home where they’re staying. The family is shocked to find out that the intruders look like them, chaos breaks loose when doppelgangers begin to terrorize them.”

The “Reds” also called as “The tethered” are a family that was cloned in government built underground facilities.

When asked how this idea came to J.Peele`s mind he simply put it this way:

I`ve been terrified of the idea of doppelgangers since I was a kid. I always had this vision of like seeing myself across the subway platform and just kind of thought, like, what if you saw yourself, if that`s not creepy enough, what if the other you…sort of smiled at you. And this idea of like, alright what`s that about? The idea of making a doppelganger family and well then my imagination went crazy and out came this film.

So as before in “Get Out” knowing how symbolic that movie was to the cabal and powers that be, it`s hard to believe that these ideas to Peele just come out of nowhere. Those who control hollywood throughout centuries intend to push these agendas upon viewer to making them believe that it`s all fairy tale existing only in the cinema realm.

J.Peele portraying the same mind control programming as in the movie “Get Out” being surrounded by creepy paintings which depict split personalities – alter egos & traumas.
Both Movies Exist In The Same Universe

“Get Out” won many awards and was received with praise by the media and public, many thought that the central theme of the movie was racial discrimination mixed with some horror elements making it a unique storyline, however this is only on the surface and targeted for the average viewer. “Get Out” main theme was how young african-american as a child experienced post traumatic event gets caught by MK-Ultra handlers which not only want to possess his mind, but also take his body. The movie was fully coded with CIA Mind Control underground operations and programs brainwashing people making them into sleeper agents so that at any time they could control them. It might seem indeed crazy but this plot is not far from reality since nazi experiments after world war 2 ended never stopped, all the top scientists and doctors migrated to America to continue their work.

A scene from “Get Out” where Project MK-Ultra handler prepares himself for a brain transplant surgery moving the brains to another host-vessel.

According to director both stories exist in the same universe, they are correlated to each other having multiple layers of hidden meaning. Both main protagonists have experienced a deeply disturbing psychological trauma as a child and both of them had a post traumatic stress disorder. Peele also explained in the movie`s commentary that the cult carrying out abductions and transplant surgeries is called “The Red Alchemist Society” – the descendants of the Knights Templar which indeed are Freemasonry secret cult.

Knights Templar – one of several additional Masonic Orders in which membership is open only to Freemasons who profess a belief in Christianity. The templar on the right is doing a masonic hand gesture.

So it`s intriguing that Adelaide`s double in movie “Us” is called “Red” and the clones are all dressed in red jumpsuits. There are also huge parallels between “The Sunken Place” from “Get Out” and the underground tunnels in “Us” where the doubles are forced to live. In Get Out “The Sunken Place” is a conceptual space, somewhere that Chris sinks into, falling away into his subconsciousness trapped in his own mind. In “Us” the clones exist below the surface in abandoned underground areas which were deliberately chosen in order to keep the experiments a secret most likely by the same people. What`s common to each one is that they`ve been either physically or mentally imprisoned and are being confronted with the horror of what the shadowy secret society have inflicted upon them.

“Chris Washington” got hypnotized by a handler and his consciousness was pushed to “A sunken place” where he lost control over his body.
“Adelaide Wilson” suppressed her haunting past for years living in fear that one day she might meet her “shadow” again.

Both characters seem to be in the same mind state, crying could also mean that their inner self personalities are trapped inside “A sunken place” having no control over the body, but trying to break free.

Movie Covers
The creepy official movie cover blatantly shows the main protagonist (Adelaide) taking off her face “mask”, her alter ego/clone identity while doing an obvious one-eye symbolism.
The other cover has two similar faces looking in different directions indicating split personalities/the duality. Notice the white-black cover symbolism widely used in the occult.
These scissors have an interesting form, it almost looks like baphomet horns. Just like two similar faces looking in different directions scissors also represent duality. And baphomet`s duality is being transgender as well as half human half beast while making satanic hand gestures “as above so below”.

This is what J.Peele said about his understanding of scissors in his recent interview:

There`s a duality to scissors, both literally and physically. A hole made of two parts, but also they lie in this territory between the mundane and absolutely terrifying. I have a definite world that of things that I`m exploring and trying to say with this film. All relating to our duality as human beings and the guilt and sins we buried deep within ourselves.

Subliminal Programming Throughout The Movie “Us”

In my theory from how I understood this film was that J.Peele is showing how a “man” or in other words “people in high places” such as secret societies and global elitists are playing God with the power of technology, either genetically modifying bodies, transplanting consciousness to other vessels or simply duplicating people in order to one way or another control humanity. So I strongly believe this film is trying to subliminally spread a message about the upcoming judgement for those who “play” like that.

As soon as the movie starts an unclear message appears on screen which makes more sense as the movie goes forward – this is where the underground laboratories are operating.
The next shot shows us the girl named Adelaide and her family enjoying the evening in the amusement park, but then she wanders off when her father fails to look after her.
She meets a homeless man holding a sign written “Jeremiah 11:11” near the “Exit” gates in the park. “Exit” meaning God is the answer from his wrath and destruction.

Jeremiah 11:11 – “Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.”

Jeremiah was a prophet and warned the jews in exile in Babylon that God wasn`t happy that they were worshiping false idols, Jeremiah warning it could lead to the fall of Jerusalem, indicating that God won`t help these people as they are worshiping false idols and if or once they learn the errors of their ways, they`re on their own.

As the girl walks further down the beach she looks at the sky and knowing that a storm “destruction” is coming soon, Adelaide starts going back to where she came from looking for shelter.
While she is walking a couple of drunk teens playing around on the beach start shouting to each other: “Don`t do it.” (This is indirectly and subconsciously meant for Adelaide).
Instead of going back to parents, her curiosity is drawn by a glowing reflection room full of mirrors with an indian mascot above pointing directly to the girl. Strangely enough the attraction is called – “Find Yourself”.
As soon as she enters and walks through the hall of mirrors, a sudden storm “destruction” begins as if she made a wrong decision to go in there.
By walking around the mirror maze Adelaide soon finds out she trapped herself, struggling to find an exist (meaning that it is too late to go back now and she has to face judgement) the girl starts to whistle and someone in the maze whistles her back.
Following the sound she reaches the place where the whistling came from realizing that this “mirror” was different, as in it`s not a reflection, but another person who looks exactly like Adelaide.
The girl gets shocked causing her to scream in disbelief and the screen cuts black before actually seeing what happens, giving us the idea that her reflection was indeed alive.

This is how the movie is introduced to us, it begins while zooming out a background full of white rabbits put in cages. Later we find out that these rabbits were tied to initial cloning experiments and they quickly reproduced naturally. This is how underground people survived over the years. Also let`s not forget the revolutionary movie “The Matrix” where it suggested that Neo should “follow the white rabbit” in order to find the truth.

White rabbits are also a big part of monarch programming. Disney is especially full of it, most of disney actors are under their handlers control.
Similarly as in “The Matrix – follow the white rabbit” and “Alice in Wonderland” the rabbit points his finger to the clock indicating that time is running out.

The movie skips to present day where Adelaide is now an adult along with her family – husband Abraham (Abraham being a symbolic name to the Bible), daughter Zora and warewolf mask wearing son Jason are taking a summer vacation to that same area where she was traumatized. At first she was against the trip until her husband Abraham insists on going to the very same beach to meet some friends of theirs and promises to get back before dark.

Of course the director shows to the audience a painting with red & blue luciferian color coding widely used and known by the occult.

Interestingly enough closing or shutting doors have also some sort of subliminal meaning, Peele focuses several times on them. Her son Jason often closes himself in the dark room and when doors get shut she starts seeing flashbacks to her past traumatic events being afraid to look into mirrors, maybe it`s similar to a trigger word like in MK-Ultra programs, when the individual snaps between alter ego personalities.

Youngest son Jason puts a toy car several times between doors in the movie. This is how he is able to escape the “darkness” at any moment.
Yet again we are shown white rabbit monarch programming reference, being traumatized and most likely brainwashed by the past events.
While family is going to the Santa Cruz beach the older daughter Zora makes an interesting claim, which is actually not far from the truth.

“Did you know that there`s fluoride in the water that the government uses to control our minds? I forgot, nobody cares about the end of the world.”

We also get introduced to Kitty Tyler, Wilsons friends at the beach, they were a rich family focusing only on the materialistic things and luxury.
After they get back home she looks at the clock and notices that it`s 11:11, reminding her of Jeremiah – the judgement has come. Even the numbers 11:11 provide us a symmetry reflected in the doubles just like the clones.
“The tethered” show up standing in the darkness near their house while holding hands waiting to attack.

Abraham goes to check it out and tells them to leave his property. What`s interesting is that even after they call 911, the police never came to help. Could this mean that destruction is inevitable and no man has power to save himself unless he`s willing to turn to his true Creator?

For a few seconds Abraham showed the devil horns, not surprising since they always have to flash their symbols in order for the Boule Brotherhood to know they sold their soul.

Once they finally meet them, Wilsons notice that apart from Adelaide`s “tethered”, other members don`t know how to speak . It`s because clones lived in underground their whole life and only managed to learn how to communicate screaming and roaring just like animals.

The color red symbolizes hate, anger or death, but of course in movies as such it has multiple layers of meaning.
Adelaide`s double starts telling them a story about a girl and a “shadow” while tearing up (more MK-Ultra resemblance).

“Once upon a time there was a girl and the girl had a shadow. The two were connected, tethered together. When the girl ate, her food was given to her warm and tasty, but when the shadow was hungry, she had to eat rabbit, raw and bloody. On Christmas, the girl received wonderful toys, soft and cushy. But the shadow`s toys were so sharp and cold, they would slice through her fingers when she tried to play with them. The girl met a handsome prince and fell in love, but the shadow, at that same time, met Abraham. It didn`t matter if she loved him or not. He was tethered to the girl`s prince, after all. Then the girl had her first child, a beautiful baby girl, but the shadow gave birth to a little monster. Umbrae was born laughing. The girl had a second child, a boy this time. They had to cut her open and take him from the belly. The shadow had to do it all…herself. She named him Pluto, he was born to love fire. So, you see, the shadow hated the girl, so much for so long, until one day the shadow realized she was being tested by God.”

As everyone is fighting their own “shadows”, “The Red” with scissors (representing duality) beheads the rabbit symbolizing that change and revolution has come and later on kidnaps her son Jason.

Apparently the government and secret societies were behind clones initial creation starting with rabbits. Duplicates were part of the government project and they created these “tethered ones” of literally every person in America for generations in order to control over the original version on the surface. They were able to create the body, but realized they couldn`t recreate the soul and thus they couldn`t control their above world counterparts.

Adelaide goes to “Find yourself” reflection room to save her child, opening a secret door inside which leads to a deeper underground tunnels.
As chaos breaks loose we see a long line of clones holding hands protesting, killing people and making a revolution. Bringing up attention on a global scale. As J.Peele said he wanted to replicate “Hands Across America” movement in 1986.
Tylers family also gets visited by their doubles, as Kitty is dying and begging alexa to call the police for help, instead of doing what she asks alexa starts playing :”F*ck The Police by N.W.A.”

The whole movie brings us to Jeremiah reference once again as well as the false idol worship. The technology and money are worshiped by many across the world nowadays and this worship most blatantly in the movie represents Tyler family. Their daughters are constantly on their phones, the family is living a life of luxury, having a big house and her husband is buying a new car that even Abraham was jealous of. So they were all terribly murdered by their clones and when Kitty is being killed and begs for help, not to God, but the police which triggers her alexa to play “F*ck the police by N.W.A.”, this means that her technology cannot save her and in the end she will be punished by worshiping their own false idols – money.

When government and secret societies failed to realize their plan, they simply abandoned their project, leaving duplicates deep down in these underground all alone without a purpose or direction.
Jordan Peele also in this behind the scenes picture clearly shows his alliance with the elite sitting down in the cloning labs with dozens of white rabbits around him.
Once Adelaide finds her double and asks where her son is, she answers “It`s our time now, our time up there.”

And then continuing:

“How it must have been to grow up with the sky. To feel the sun, the wind, the trees. But your people took it for granted. We`re human, too, you know. Eyes, teeth, hands, blood. Exactly like you…and yet it was humans that built this place. I believed they figured how to make a copy of the body, but not the soul. The soul remains one, shared by two. They created us to control the one`s above – like puppets. They all went mad down here. God brought us together that night. Years after we met a miracle happened, that`s when I saw God and He showed me my path. I found my faith and I began to prepare.

“Jordan Peele sees through us all” this time flashing a masonic hand gesture forming a triangle that he`s down with the brotherhood.

So these movies are no accidents, every puppet in the industry has their own role, they have to push new world order agendas to desensitize the masses into accepting whatever their programming is, that all of this is not real, the least thing elite wants for you is to have critical thought. In his own words this is what he had to say in 2017 being interviewed about “Get Out”, when asked about his next upcoming movie (Us):

“I wanted to make a movie you have to watch two times. Watch it again, every piece of dialogue is a plant for something. So hopefully this one will live on, people watch it multiple times, it`s got some layers, I have put some easter eggs in there and I will continue to weave in the universe in my next movies. The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of especially when we get together.

In Conclusion

Despite the fact that Jordan Peele puts a lot of truths in his movies, it is still targeted and meant just to entertain audiences, making it seem like these movies are nothing more than bizarre fictional stories coming from Peele`s crazy mind rather than exposing all the filth that`s taking place in “Hellywood” industry by showing it`s true colors. It is also worth noticing how such movies often refer to the Bible, from character names to mentioning upcoming end of the world, as a result meaning that nothing can be hidden what is being done in the dark and eventually everything is going to be brought up to light for us to see.

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4 years ago

What a horrifying movie. And extremely telling. Reminds me of a video I saw recently of a guy talking about how these mk ultra victims are sleeper agents and when the time comes, they’ll come out of nowhere, along with armies in black uniforms claiming they’re taking over. And police and law enforcement won’t be able to stop them bc of how much confusion and madness will occur. We need to get out of the US (that could have even doubled as symbolic for the U.S.)…*shudder*

3 years ago
Reply to  cryptopancakes

Hey do you have the link for that video^^, I’ve seen clips of it before on you tube but can’t find the video. I really wanna watch the whole thing. Thank you.

3 years ago

The picture with the scissors ✂️ also has 6 fingers visible.

Neal Cullum
Neal Cullum
4 years ago

Alot of truths are reveiled in movies but why do they do this? I would have thought they would want to keep this shit under wraps, as alot of people are seeing the real meanings now and people are waking up to this bollocks.

4 years ago
Reply to  Neal Cullum

to me it ties in to the trickery. It’s depicted so often in movies in such a horrific or implausible way to keep the viewer believing it’s fictional. ‘It only happens in the movies.’ when a believer talks about it to others he seems like the crazy rambling homeless guy and is easy to dismiss. I also think it could be they enjoy flaunting their reality as fiction to us to revel in their own power.