Kanye ‘Get Out’ West – Behind The Mental Breakdown

Behind Kanye West`s success, fame and fortune – a blood sacrifice. In recent interviews Kanye West admits sacrificing his own mother to the music industry. Is he born again Christian or a brainwashed gate keeper? Find out by watching his mental breakdown on live television. If you want to watch this video from it`s original source click here.

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Mary A Ahrens
Mary A Ahrens

This video was EXCELLENT!! I had zero prior knowledge of Kanye, really….in fact, the whole thing with him supposedly being a born again and all that hype kinda got on my nerves. I mean, it’s obviously an agenda, and it’s just been plastered EVERYWHERE. But this vid here was waaaay different. It appealed to my empathetic side, and even had me shedding a tear or two in various places. I’m really glad I watched it finally, (it kept popping up in my suggestions, but I kept ignoring it, rolling my eyes, for reasons as stated above). Truly this was one… Read more »