Kanye ‘Get Out’ West – Behind The Mental Breakdown

Behind Kanye West`s success, fame and fortune – a blood sacrifice. In recent interviews Kanye West admits sacrificing his own mother to the music industry. Is he born again Christian or a brainwashed gate keeper? Find out by watching his mental breakdown on live television. If you want to watch this video from it`s original source click here.

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Mary A Ahrens
Mary A Ahrens

This video was EXCELLENT!! I had zero prior knowledge of Kanye, really….in fact, the whole thing with him supposedly being a born again and all that hype kinda got on my nerves. I mean, it’s obviously an agenda, and it’s just been plastered EVERYWHERE. But this vid here was waaaay different. It appealed to my empathetic side, and even had me shedding a tear or two in various places. I’m really glad I watched it finally, (it kept popping up in my suggestions, but I kept ignoring it, rolling my eyes, for reasons as stated above). Truly this was one… Read more »


A bit disappointing honestly. I was expecting new information that supposedly proves that Kanye is still brainwashed and didn’t actually get reborn through Jesus. This video reminds me of gossiping friends I used to have that would tell me, “Oh did you see so and so says they stopped doing drugs and are turning their life around? They might have everyone else fooled, but we’ll see how long that actually lasts.” I’m no stranger to the satanic influence behind the media, or the brainwashing and mk ultra programming that has been going on for decades. I know that Kanye was… Read more »