Klaus Schwab, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie & James Corden Want You To Eat Ze Nuclear Bugz

All the filthy (literally) and rich scumbags are coming in full swing with ze question: Why eat meat when you can eat ze bugz? And its good for the environment too! After all Its all about the climate! Gotta save that climate from climaxing! And its urgent too!! We just need to put emissions on cattle`s carbon dioxide or better yet get rid of them forever! Yes, thats the way to go! Darn meat eaters are hurting all of us, we must eat the meat eaters…By the way have you ever tried eating a fried scorpion, tarantula or a cockroach? No? Well let me tell you friend you are missing out big time because thats what Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and James Corden eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yummy, bug protein here we come! But in all seriousness they (Mystery Babylon Vatican/Roman Catholicism by their military Jesuit Order) are creating (by God`s permission because people are wicked and not repenting) a man made famine worldwide by burning and destroying food factories deliberately, and its no joke, the Walmarts are still lagging behind by few months with all this information and deliveries, theres still food on the shelves so you still have time to prepare. Please be ready for these types of shenanigans in the upcoming months, be smart with your money and please whatever you do not bury yourself with more debt! Its the worst thing you can do right now. Tough times ahead.

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1 year ago

The hollywood prostitutes are pulling out all the stops!

Ibiene Hendricks
Ibiene Hendricks
1 year ago

Sick ass rituals they have to do, the masses are just sleep…they actually look up to people like this..lab people!!