The New Order of Barbarians – Full Documentary

Dr. Lawrence Dunegan recalls a meeting with Dr. Richard Day on March 20th 1969, in which Dr. Day, the insider of the order, revealed the world plans of a secret group of powerful men who he referred to as the New Order of Barbarians. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan recorded these tapes in 1988. He was a practicing pediatrician for over 34 years and in 2004 at the age of 70 he passed away from colorectal and liver cancer. Much of what Dr. Day said has come to pass, and there is much more to come. If you want to watch this video form it`s original source click here.

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The windisblowing
The windisblowing
3 years ago

That was so well done., thank you.

2 years ago

Interesting all the vital important facts are not remembered, Ie places people sent to die.