Wag The Dog In Ukraine? From COVID To War? Alternative View On Ukraine The Media Will Never Show

I do not support anyone in a phony and rigged war right after 2 years of lockdown, after gene altering vaccination and peoples businesses and lives being demolished, but if you want to see an alternative view on Ukraine other than what the controlled mainstream media shows, there you go. In other words the scam with COVID-19 was phase 1, now phase 2 is in effect – WAR and the upcoming FAMINE because of WAR consequences, just like the Bible prophecies. These videos are made to show you that this whole mess is well fabricated and well planned act, why? Mainly because of the timing. Russia and Ukraine conflict has been going on back and forth for the past 8 years over Donbass region, status of Crimea, independence of Ukraine etc, etc. But back then no one cared about it, right after COVID narrative faded away in February and vaccination rates slowed down suddenly this full scaled ‘war’ broke out and now all the damage that was done throughout lockdowns to our businesses, all the trillions of dollars injected into our economies, all this created artificial debt and inflation skyrocketing are blamed on ‘war’ sanctions and Putin. A complete and utter nonsense, they want to shift your attention and the ones who suffer from sanctions the most are people like you and me, the middle class is being absolutely hammered right now, they are creating a society of debt slaves and slave masters, a society of borrowers and lenders. They are destroying the system and the people therein to create a digital hell on Earth with the upcoming mark of the beast. This is all a big show, manipulated from all sides, its the same depopulation agenda played in Western and Eastern countries. God is bringing His judgement through these moronic New World Order, World Economic Forum and The Great Reset muppets, the Lord will have them in derision (Psalm 2:4 KJV), they will fail miserably but sadly a lot of people are going to go down with the system, make sure you are not one of them, Jesus Christ is the to be hanging on right now, especially in a time like this. All these events that are happening right now will carry on to the book of Revelation.

If you want to watch this video fullscreen from its original source click here.

if you want to watch this video fullscreen from its original source click here.

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1 year ago

1 year ago

The part showing the journalist being killed is insane. The person shown in the picture was a streamer called WingsOfRedemption. I played him on a game called Rainbow Six Siege 2 years ago, and idk how or why they would use him as the man who died. It’s literally so random that I laughed in shock when I saw that part of this video. The question is, does he know that this was posted of him!?!?