Why You Should Be Concerned: They Are Coming For Your Kids, Better Hide Them

The gaming industry is growing rapidly in popularity, especially in the last decade, hooking up millions of players and forming enormous fan bases of their favorite game genres. It is estimated that the video games market could become a $300 billion industry by 2025, with the growth of mobile gaming and virtual reality profiting vast amounts of money each year. It begs the question, if billions are involved, what kind of agendas are being pushed on the average and ignorant consumer? In this article we dive deeper into the occultic symbolism in video games.

The Corrupt Mind of Blizzard Entertainment
The Egyptian theme, Illuminati pyramids and the All-Seeing Eye is present and all over the place in Blizzard`s worldwide hit – Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the wealthiest and best known American video game developer and publisher companies out there. However, the people on top, the ‘suits’ who run and manage everything inside the creative staff make sure, that the average player gets subliminally programmed with all the occultic, as well as satanic imagery every time he boots up the game. This is the most successful Blizzard`s product called Overwatch, which till this day, is considered one of the greatest video games of all time, receiving numerous game of the year awards and other accolades. The community had more than 40 million players after two years, having such huge following, the game perfectly illustrates how elite implemented the new world agenda.

One of the characters named Ana, wears an eye patch and has the Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ or ‘The All-Seeing Eye’ tattoo.
Subtle, but an effective way of showing the ‘666’ hand sign.
Another character having the same ‘All-Seeing Eye’ tattoo.

Also, welcome to 2019 where grown men on the internet spend their time arguing whether or not, their fictional video game character is either bisexual or fully gay.

Overwatch player base is no doubt massive, but a large portion of players are still the ones attending school. So what kind of message they`re actually sending to these kids? Soldier 76 is one of the most popular characters in the online shooter, which has millions of players worldwide.

Ed Nightingale, a gay gamer from London, hopes representing a ‘very macho, typically masculine character’ as LGBT will help promote acceptance of LGBT people in other gamers.

“Gaming is a really powerful way of educating people,” he tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

When you’re playing through a game and not just watching or reading it, you are actively involved in it and therefore actively involved in a character that is so different from yourself – that has really great educational benefits. People want to play games online and they want it to be a safe space, and I think gaming is typically seen as the domain of straight white men and anyone outside of that norm is unfortunately vulnerable to attack.”

Congratulations Soldier 76 on being made a gay video game character, three years after the game released. That is definitely an accomplishment.

You see where they`re heading with this? How do you depopulate 7.5 billion people on the planet to only maintaining 500,000,000 million in perpetual balance with nature, as it is written on Georgia guidestones? Well, the answer is clear, as years go by and everyone is fighting for their ‘equal rights’, you make grown men soft as marshmallows and women masculine feminists, most importantly making sure, that the youth starts questioning their sexuality by reading such ludicrous articles as their favorite video game characters turn gay years later and ‘educate’ gamers with more rainbow programming.

‘Bastet’ is the first Overwatch short comic book story. ‘Bastet’ was also a goddess of ancient Egypt. The official cover was that same character Ana, covering her face with a mask making the One-Eye sign.
Michael Chu is the lead writer of Overwatch, publicly celebrating gay heroes with his followers on Twitter.
Why am I still surprised, when the lead writer is a queer himself.

There is a certain segment of fans, which is by far the worst when it comes to sexualizing the characters of a video game, and they flat out celebrate any time they think Blizzard is hinting at something in the slightest, regarding a certain character sexual orientation, who they`re dating and all that other weird stuff.

For example this is another Overwatch hero, the typical anime ‘school girl’ called D.Va. The fans wanted to know whether she`s straight or gay to satisfy their imagination.
While there is plenty of sexualization in the game, Blizzard is not shying away from the female masculinity. I mean what can you say, it`s 2019 after all, blurring genders and switching roles is a common thing.
Hindu goddess figures are also shown and present in Overwatch, forming all kinds of pyramids.
Worth mentioning that transhumanism is one of the main themes in the game. Most of these heroes are just partly human.
This has to be the most obvious hero skin in the whole game. Indicating that this particular character has opened his ‘Third Eye’.
Highly intelligent monkey Winston, subliminally making the ‘666’ whilst fixing his glasses.
This Egyptian hero is repeating Shiva pose – The hindu ‘God of Destruction’.
Look closely, you can see all of these hero figures flashing satanic horns.
More characters with demonic skins in the game.
And even more weird looking creatures…
Here is another example of them implementing the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ in the game.
In some maps you can notice these unfinished pyramids. Why are these pyramids unfinished, you might ask? Most likely because the man of sin has not been revealed yet and these developers are following satanic doctrines. The game is simply too symbolic to be a coincidence.
Witness Live Mayhem

Another big game which caught my attention this year was Borderlands 3. While the game is simple enough, to where you just have to shoot things in order to progress further into the story, the setting however…is beyond disturbing.

Borderlands 3 cover. Looks familiar? Mocking Jesus, but not the real one, the fake Jesus Sananda or ‘Master Jesus’ figure.
This feminine long hair, white skin, blue eyes, wearing masonic red and blue garment is the false image of Jesus – It`s Cesare Borgia. We see him depicted and painted in Catholic Church and all over the world for centuries.
Who is this man man posing as Jesus Christ? His name is Cesare Borgia, the second son of Pope Alexander the 6th of Rome. He modeled for the image of the ‘New Jesus Christ’. Originally painted by Leonardo da Vinci. ‘The Borgia’ by Marion Johnson p.163.
The reveal of Borderlands 3 was nothing short of a nightmare. Gearbox Software resident clown and CEO Randy Pitchford was forming masonic hand signs multiple times.
R. Pitchford managed to lose a flash drive containing classified company information, as well as some not so safe work videos of a ‘Barely legal teens squirting on a Cam Girl site’. Yup, the guy is a freak.
There is a lot to say about Gearbox Software CEO, but let`s focus on what kind of agenda the game was pushing forward the whole time it was shown to public eyes.
As soon as we get introduced to the game, we see this propaganda poster which says: ‘Children of the Vault’, it looks a lot like New World Order programming. Below the poster the text reads: ‘Give your flesh, take your guns’. Sounds like gun control?
The following screenshot has another sign on the bottom right which says: ‘Give your skin, wear the mark’. A clear indoctrination of taking the mark of the Beast.
‘We Are The Children of The Vault’. The ‘V’ symbolism might also stand for the ‘New Age’, or the ‘5th Age’. The Age of Aquarius, where the old world dies and the new one is formed. The rebirth to satanic one world government and religion.
‘Rupture Upon Us’, ‘Holy Is The Mouth That Bleeds’. Rupture – Rapture, intentionally used incorrect spelling.
The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ on the bottom left side saying ‘Witness Truth’, and the new area which the player has discovered is called ‘Confession Chamber’.
The big blinking red sign ‘Salvation’. Unfortunately, people playing such games don`t recognize the evil behind it.
More ‘ Holy V’ symbolism and New Age programming for the ignorant mind. The elite cannot wait when satan is revealed and they certainly know, that they can get away with this stuff, people never pay attention to what is happening.
Why not just fill the whole room with massive ‘V’ shaped walls. As if previous symbolism wasn`t good enough…
Now just slap those two symbols together and vuolia! Notice the text above the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, written ‘Holy’. Holy satan? What is the actual meaning of this?
The saddest part was when the crowd was cheering when they`ve seen this area, complete zombie followers.
The two main antagonists for Borderlands 3 are Troy and Tyreen Calypso, also known as the Calypso Twins. They are the leaders of the ‘Children of the Vault’ cult, but their exact motivations are not clear yet. The picture itself is Church mockery.
As seen before in Overwatch, the Shiva figure appeared in this game as well. What`s up with all the ‘spiritual guru’ characters in most popular video games? Oh right, it is called predictive programming.
The Shiva character with her ‘special’ move forming the Illuminati pyramid. Gotta follow that trend…

If you ask me, what this shooter has in common with all the symbolism, i`d say it`s obvious – absolutely nothing. This is a dead giveaway who runs these multi-million dollar companies – even bigger corporations. CEOs as well as developers focus their time and energy into all this garbage for what? It doesn`t add anything to the game and it`s lore. They`re puppets getting commands from higher-ups to indoctrinate young ones for the upcoming one world government. It takes decades to successfully brainwash generation, but unfortunately they`re succeeding in numbers, because in 21st century it`s the government raising children, not their parents. Parents are too busy chasing the ‘Almighty dollar’, if they weren`t, we would never be in this kind of situation to begin with.

Assassinating The Illuminati
Illuminati member in a video game Hitman 2, making the masonic hand sign.

Last game I want to mention and analyze is Hitman 2. A sequel to Hitman, where the main protagonist agent 47 and his handler Diana Burnwood are the world`s top assassins working for the ICA (CIA).

Agent 47 is a professional killer clone, that wears a clean black suit and blood red tie. He is the result of cloning experiments made by Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, who was obsessed with the idea of genetic recombination and shared his ideas for a cloned super army with his secret cult members. They call themselves Providence.

Providence is an extremely powerful, and supposedly ancient, secretive cabal that controls all of the world’s affairs, having members all over the globe. Hitman 2 gameplay is focused entirely on tracking and killing the secret society members. Quite an interesting plot, don`t you think?

One of the missions take place on a private island, where secret ‘Ark Society’ members gather for annual rituals and ceremonies, discussing the fate of the world. What caught my eye was this cube put at the very start in the mission. The ‘Black cube of Saturn’ often represents satan himself.
This mission segment and atmosphere reminded me of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, when Tom Cruise entered the mansion and was immediately introduced to satanic doctrines.
And this particular looked a lot like some Rothschild Illuminati party, all wearing masks, even the musicians were blindfolded like in S. Kubrick`s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.
Looks like in Hitman 2, the ‘Great Pyramid’ was also missing it`s capstone.
The initiation ritual joining the secret cabal. The ritual included physical electroshock torture in order to take the next step in cult membership.
The cult members were discussing climate change, the mission clearly points out, that these people not only control the world`s economy and population, but the weather itself. HAARP research facility? Most likely.
‘Obscuring the truth? Misleading public opinion’, quite interesting conversations taking place.
Cities of the future? Seems to be that way, more ‘modernized’ and controlled with ‘smart’ devices tracking every step.
Another example how harpist wasn`t able to see any satanic rituals.
‘Brain uploads, huh. Living forever as a string of code’. Looks like we have a bright future ahead of us, we can thank Elon Musk for this idea.
They even touched on how cult members are able to modify DNA, clone it and grow another ‘you’ in an artificial uterus. This is not fiction anymore, elite are indeed light years ahead in technology, but they will never share it with public.
Other cult ‘leaders’ discussed on how to destroy economy while the rest of civilization falls into chaos.
‘A hunder or so people controlling it. No market. No economy’. Sadly, this is exactly how elite will operate. Mark of the Beast will be forced upon, or you won`t be able to buy anything.
Apparently this is the place where Illuminati members were virtually meeting.
One more shot from the top since this flying nonsense absolutely benefits in the game.
Only their holograms were attending in those meetings, while at the same time they were in different location using virtual reality headsets.
Another game where developers are obsessed with pyramid formations and masonic hand signs.
One of the leading Illuminati members had to inject an RFID poison chip to his neck. As he said himself ‘for loyalty’, in case he gets compromised.
Some companies already embedding microchips to their employees. Are you ready for ‘medical’ RFID implant when it comes to your city? I hope you`re ready. Trust in Christ, it is all prophecy.
In Conclusion

Remember those days when video game industry was just another form of entertainment, when games were actually engaging in community discussions, raising ideas and having fun with friends? I do, but sadly those days are over, the culture has changed. The industry became barely recognizable. The agendas are blatant, all the same sex narratives, end times, Christ mockery, satanic indoctrination, all of these things are forcefully pushed down our throats, slowly but firmly cornering us in all possible ways. If you have any kids, do yourself a favor and protect them from this filth, because the elite knows how to target them, and if you play yourself, make sure to guard your mind, so you wouldn`t fall into one of these traps.

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I quit playing video games last year, waste of time and definitely every video game out there is flooded with symbolism. Especially call of duty and league of legends.


Another awefully insightful article. May TMH bless you.


Keep exposing. May our Lord Jesus keep on blessing you!


There is a video by an ex gay porn star, who repented and found Jesus. He states that Crowley wrote that when s Male has sex with another Male, a spiritual door is opened and that spirit of homosexuality takes over. I expect its the same when the desire to stray from the norm, occurs.

Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell

Whenever a grass roots game company finds success like the old hitmans. A big company buys them up or the rights to the title. Proceed to ruin the game and fill it with propaganda. Happened with hitman series. Rockstars team who built gta is all but gone and replaced aswell as bungie with the halo series. Happens over and over.


We must remain vigilant in the scriptures. Pray for his will and the discernment to understand, and the strength to carry it out daily!! God bless


Amen! 🙏


The letter V means horned god i think, representing Satan. In counter strike on some of the maps like Nuke and and train you can see this logo around on the trucks and windows, saying V Shipping Company. The Lord opened my eyes and showed me that game was from Satan too.


I really like these articles. Thank you for all the effort you put into them.


Check out the old cartoon “sendokai”

C Farid
C Farid

Can you please do a video of discussion on the christian rap music scene that have sold their soul as well as the Hillsong singers that are flashing up the pyramids and taking many Christians to hell can you please Time is Running Out praise the Lord our God hallelujah king of kings he’s coming soon


You people are insane!!! Lol You guys have way too much time on your hands.


You guys should show all of the symbolisms in nintendo games. They are pretty much the disney of video games with the inclusion of sexual innuendo and humor.

Marc Minter
Marc Minter

Not surprised by any of this social engineering.